7 Astonishing Benefits that Castor Oil has on the Skin

My grandma always has a bottle of castor oil in top cupboard of the house. If I got a cut, she would say “go for the castor oil”. When my back hurt , she yelled “go for the castor oil”. If we were getting ready to go to the beach, ” you might get sunburns, go for the castor oil”. Even when my mom got pregnant with my younger brother, granny would rub castor oil twice daily on mommy’s tummy. So from ever since I got used to castor oil for just about any skin woes. We (everyone in the household, mommy, grandma,my brother, my dad and I, even my grandfather) used castor oil for moisturizing our face and skin daily. For 18 years, even after my grandmother died we did not not purchase skin lotion, of any kind. Just imagine how many gallons on castor oil our family used, when I asked granny how long has she been using castor oil replied, ever since she was born she can remember her mother (my great granny) using castor oil. My great grandma boiled castor oil when she was a teenage girl with her mother (my great great grandma) and it has never left the family since. Now I boil castor oil. Castor oil has been in our family for 4 generations and I intend to pass on this amazing tradition on to my daughter.

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Traditional Natural Remedy used to cure Asthma

Although asthma have been thought not to be cured, hence why it is categorized as a chronic illness, Jamaicans has always been experimenting with herbs to bring forth natural and home-made remedies for ailments, simply because that’s what we grew up seeing our African ancestors do. Therefore, it came as no surprise while visiting my grandmother in rural Jamaica; when I learnt of a herbal physician called Rasta Slim , who had cured many Asthmatic patient .


Asthma cures target the underlying cause of the Asthmatic condition, the excess mucus that cause the bronchiole to be inflamed. With traditional herbal remedies the excess mucus  that is rooted to the bronchial tube is purged and expelled from the body using herbs. Once the tough mucus is removed patient can go on to live active, normal and fulfilling lives, without ever having to depend on a  inhaler again.
I tried the herbal cure and was relieved of my childhood bronchial asthma. Patients will now be able to sleep at nights without Asthmatic symptoms.

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The benefits of Traditional Herbal remedies over artificial drugs


The truth is revealed… plants can cure all diseases and illness. Diseases are toxins in the body that causes inflammation. Drugs will not cure any illness! They only provide temporary relief of symptoms of diseases, with various side effects associated. As my grandma would say “the proof is in the pudding”, it is evident that all the mineral and vitamins needed to cure illness are available the herbs, plants and daily food we should be intaking. Magnesium, Ascorbic acid( vitamin C) and Retinol (vitamin A) cures almost if not all ailments of the body. All sickness exist in the blood. The are various herbal remedies to rid the body of all chronic illness including AIDS, HIV, Hypertension, Asthma, Diabetes and Cancers. Herbal Physicians are still very popular in the rural regions of Jamaica. Infact, there is an onset of human’s health conscious behavior in the twenty first century, people are more curious about what they are digesting and are now finding more natural and safer alternatives to deal with ailments. Most people have comes to the shocking realization that pharmaceutical giants are only in the business to make millions of dollars, even at the risk that billions must suffer.

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What is Asthma,Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

Did you know Asthma is a chronic illness just like diabetes and cancer. Roughly 334 million people worldwide are suffering from asthma. Many persons have family members or friends who are suffering severely from Asthma, some individuals may have died as a result of a serious Asthma Attack.
Are you experiencing frequent wheezing and tightening of the chest? Then you may need to see a physician and to check if you are Asthmatic.

What is Asthma?


Asthma is a disease of the bronchial tubes in the lungs (the “airways”). People with asthma typically experience “wheezing”, a high-pitched whistling sound heard during breathing, especially when breathing out. However, wheezing does not always occur, and asthma can also involve breathlessness, chest tightness or coughing. The underlying process includes chronic inflammation of the airways, which causes tightening of the muscles wrapped around the bronchial tubes and extra mucus to be present in the airways. An obstruction of the flow of air in and out of the airways occurs  as the airways to overreact to stimuli and the air gets trapped within the Alveoli.

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